Transfer/convert personal library to new Group library?

Hi Zoteroes,
I want to convert my personal library into a new Group library. If I use Export/Import, then the Date Added data is lost -- the new group library shows the Date Added as the day the Import was run. This is losing valuable information. Is there another way to do this? Can I simply Convert my personal library into a group library, without going through the Ex/Im process?
  • There's no way to move items into a group while keeping the "Date Added", sorry.

    The recommended way to move items over from a personal library to a group is drag&drop and not import export, but that'll still update the Date Added.
  • In the Zotero client (not on the website), you can drag items and collections from My Library to a group library. This is preferred to Export/Import. However, this is technically creating new items (items in different libraries are distinct, independent items), so the Date Added will be different. I don't believe it is possible to preserve the Date Added value when transferring across libraries (though if you have the Accessed field filled, this will stay the same).
  • I'm looking to do the same. Is it possible to safely manipulate the DB directly? I'm looking to transfer my whole personal DB to a group.
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