Profile Disciplines: "Musicology" missing

Hi there!

I would like to suggest the addition of the discipline "Musicology" to the list of disciplines in the Profile.

"Performing arts" seems to be a very broad category.

What do you think?
Best wishes,
  • I remarked on classification in regards to those listed in CSL & maintain that it might make more sense to borrow from somebody else's list of subjects, rather than to create an ad hoc list that was over-specific for some fields & under-specific for others. That being said, if we're going to have the list grow organically, I don't think music makes sense any more than many other sub-specialties right now: performing arts has ~60 Zotero people, while other groups have over 200.
  • of course the question should be: how many people who belong to disciplines such as "musicology", "history of dance", "ethnomusicology", "music theory" etc did NOT choose Performing Arts because they feel misrepresented by that category :-)

    It think it would be nice to have a system in which one could enter the discipline name freely, with suggestions for already existing categories showing up while you type. Very much like the tags feature in zotero.

    In the end this is not too important an issue anyhow. I just thought it might be nice to make the disciplines list more accurate, specific, and all-encompassing.

  • Improving disciplines to be more dynamic is planned (and the free text box with completions is a likely input method).
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