Search and replace in libraries and autocomplete

At some point, I typed "Insitute" instead of "Institute" in the publisher name of an entry in my library. Since then, it's come up top of the autofill list every time I try to enter the same publisher, and I've missed it many times.

So I have two questions:
1. Is there some kind of global search and replace function I can use to remove this error in my library entries?
2. Can I remove the misspelling from the autocomplete options?

  • Batch editing is possible using Python and Pyzotero, but there isn't a more user-friendly option at this point. Your fastest option would likely be to create a saved search with the misspelling and then copy-paste it to the all of the returned items. Once you remove the misspelling from all of the items, it will eventually disappear from the autocomplete list.
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