Theming Icon Sizes

edited April 16, 2018
Is there a way to set the toolbar icon sizes inside Zotero itself? The menu text uses the Ubuntu / Unity font settings, but I can't find a way to increase the size of the New Item to Advanced Search icons or the size of the Search field. Is it possible to do that?

  • No, sorry, the icon sizes aren't configurable.
  • Thanks. On a WQHD screen they are too small to use -- this is especially difficult on the search field because the text is unreadable.
  • What are your exact specifications? The interface should scale itself automatically for HiDPI displays.
  • The 2018 Lenovo x1 screen's default resolution is 2560x1440.
  • But you're using OS-level scaling, right? You really shouldn't have to make changes within specific programs. Can you take a screenshot, upload it somewhere, and post a link here?
  • I see my mistake. I was not using scaling -- I set the font sizes, which changed the menu fonts but not the icons or the search field size. Resetting the fonts and increasing the scaling works fine.

    Thank you!
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