Unsync a library in Zotero 5

Is it possible to unsync a specific library in Zotero 5? If I deseletc it from sync, will it disappear from Zotero without damage to the previously synced data? Will it remain in Zotero but changes are just not synced?

What happens if I'm removed from a group that I previously synced? Will that remain in my Zotero client after I'm removed?
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    Deselecting for sync leaves the library in place in the client. If you leave a group, you receive a pop-up with the option to retain it as a read-only collection (read-only so that there won't be surprises if you rejoin), or to trash it.

    To trigger sync on a library that you have left after once choosing to retain it, context menu on the library's entry in the left column has a sync option.
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