Putting citation and figure cross-reference fields in same parantheses (MS Word 2016)

At the end of a sentence I'd like to insert both an inline citation and a reference to a particular figure in the text.

I think that convention when two separate items are adjacent and require paranthesis is to separate them with a semi colon. E.g. (Swift 1914; Nieuwkoop and Sutasurya 1979)(Figure 1-3 c and d) becomes (Swift 1914; Nieuwkoop and Sutasurya 1979; Figure 1-3 c and d).

In MS Word 2016 how do I put the figure number field (which updates as figures are added earlier in the document) and the Zotero citation in the same set of parantheses?

If I edit the Zotero field I see this:

ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"sv7nbagtq","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Swift 1914; Nieuwkoop and Sutasurya 1979)","plainCitation":"(Swift 1914; Nieuwkoop and Sutasurya 1979)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":429,"uris":["http://zotero.org/users/2703/items/T7XWGA4G"],"uri":["http://zotero.org/users/2703/items/T7XWGA4G"],"itemData":{"id":429,"type":"article-journal","title":"Origin and early history of the primordial germÔÇÉcells in the chick","container-title":"American Journal of

Whilst if I edit the figure field I see this:

REF _Ref511137927 \h

Can I merge these without corrupting my document?

  • It's not possible to do this while also allowing Zotero to continue to update the citation automatically. What you can do is insert the Zotero citation, then place the cursor in the parentheses and click the Insert Cross Reference button to add the cross reference (also type the ; if you like). This will prevent Zotero from being able to automatically update the formatting of the citation (e.g., to change from listing all the authors to et al.), the your document won't be corrupted, and the bibliography will still update as expected. The cross-reference will also update automatically.
  • Okay, thanks very much. I'll verify that my chosen citation style is correct before putting the figure reference inside the citation.
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