Feature Request: batch removal of labels

While reorganizing my articles, I noticed that it is not possible to batch remove applied labels (when for example having selected a group of references) ((unless I missed somehting...?)). I might miss something, but somehow it would be handy if there is an option to remove this, avoiding the need to go through each reference separately. It's a quite minor issue that is maybe not very frequently needed, so just an idea!
  • By labels you mean tags? If so, one method to quickly remove tags is to assign the tag a color, then type the tag’s number on the keyboard to remove it. If you want to remove the tag from all items, you can right-click and delete it.
  • (but this isn't the first request for this & I think it makes sense to be able to remove a regular -- non-color -- tag from multiple items at once just like you can add it to multiple items at once)
  • ah cool, thanks! I didn't know about the number-feature. It's a handy workaround anyway, as it does not happen very often I guess. One little thing, is that the number feature does not seem to work with my azerty-keyboard on Mac. I need to enter shift + number, and there is not really a reaction from Zotero..
  • edited April 10, 2018
    What do you mean "not really a reaction"? Are you saying that, if you assign a color to a tag and select an item, pressing Shift + number doesn't toggle the tag?
  • Hmm, so you're the first to report this, but looking at the code, it does seem like that might be the case. Issue created. We'll look into it.
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