Best practices to differenciate "twin citations"

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I have several source with the same author and same year. I am using the Harward style.

Is there a way to insert the a,b,c,... following the date in the in text citation automatically?

How do you make sure you are always refering to the same paper using the same letter?

When I instert the bio at the end of the paper, is there a way to see all citation referering to a source?

thanks in advance!
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    The "a", "b", "c" suffixes ("year-suffix" in bibo jargon) are added automatically in both citations and bibliography if the style requires them. Not all styles require them: just choose a style that makes use of them. The correspondence between, say "Smith 1999b" in citations and bibliography is automatic, and can be trusted.

    There is no way to automatically retrieve or search for all references to a particular source within Zotero, but you can of course search for the relevant citation in the word processor.
  • Thank you!
    Do you know a Harvard style that has this feature inlcuded? The one I currently use does not do it.

    Will it also work when there is no publication year?

    kind regards
  • "Harvard" is a loose family of styles, so there are quite a few of them. It looks like eighty-seven of them use year-suffix. If you run a search for "harvard" on, you should be able to choose any one of these that suits the balance of your style requirements:

    De Montfort University - Harvard
    Elsevier - Harvard 2
    Elsevier - Harvard (with titles)
    Elsevier - Harvard (without titles)
    Emerald - Harvard
    Anglia Ruskin University - Harvard
    Bournemouth University - Harvard
    Cape Peninsula University of Technology - Harvard
    Cardiff University BIOSI - Harvard
    Cardiff University - Harvard
    Cite Them Right 10th edition - Harvard
    Coventry University - Harvard
    Cranfield University - Harvard
    Deakin University - Harvard
    Dublin City University - Harvard
    Dundalk Institute of Technology - Harvard
    Durham University Business School - Harvard
    Edge Hill University - Harvard
    European Archaeology - Harvard
    Fachhochschule Salzburg - Harvard
    Falmouth University - Harvard
    Gesellschaft für Bildung und Forschung in Europa - Harvard (German)
    Imperial College London - Harvard
    Institut für Praxisforschung - Harvard (Bahr & Frackmann) (German)
    King's College London - Harvard
    Leeds Beckett University - Harvard
    Leeds Metropolitan University - Harvard
    University of Limerick (Cite it Right) - Harvard
    London South Bank University - Harvard
    Manchester Business School - Harvard
    Manchester Metropolitan University - Harvard
    Melbourne Polytechnic - Harvard
    Newcastle University - Harvard
    North-West University - Harvard
    Oxford Brookes University - Faculty of Health and Life Sciences - Harvard
    Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (Spanish) - Harvard
    Robert Gordon University - Harvard
    Southampton Solent University - Harvard
    Staffordshire University - Harvard
    Stellenbosch University - Harvard
    Swinburne University of Technology - Harvard
    Theologisches Seminar Adelshofen - Harvard (German)
    The University of Melbourne - Harvard
    The University of Northampton - Harvard
    The University of Sheffield - School of East Asian Studies - Harvard
    The University of Sheffield - Town and Regional Planning - Harvard
    Universiti Teknologi Malaysia - Harvard
    Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman - Harvard
    University for the Creative Arts - Harvard
    University of Abertay Dundee - Harvard
    University of Bath - Harvard
    University of Birmingham - Harvard
    University of Brighton School of Environment & Technology - Harvard
    University of Cape Town - Harvard
    University of Exeter - Geography - Harvard
    University of Gloucestershire - Harvard
    University of Greenwich - Harvard
    University of Kent - Harvard
    University of Leeds - Harvard
    University of Sunderland - Harvard
    University of Technology Sydney - Harvard
    University of the West of England (Bristol) - Harvard
    University of the West of Scotland - Harvard
    University of Westminster - Harvard
    University of Wolverhampton - Harvard
    University of Worcester - Harvard
    York St John University - Harvard
    Institute of Physics - Harvard
    Monash University - Harvard
    National University of Singapore - Department of Geography - Harvard
    Oxford Centre for Mission Studies - Harvard
    SAGE - Harvard
    Södertörns högskola - Harvard
    Södertörns högskola - Harvard (with Ibid.)
    Taylor & Francis - Harvard X
    The Open University - Harvard
    The University of Western Australia - Harvard
    The University of Winchester - Harvard
    University College Lillebælt - Harvard (Danish)
    University of Lincoln - Harvard
    University of South Australia 2011 - Harvard
    University of South Australia 2013 - Harvard
    University of York - Harvard - Archaeology
    University of York - Harvard
    University of York - Harvard - Environment
    Victoria University - Harvard
    WHO Regional Office for Europe - Harvard
  • Thanks fbennett,

    The style I am using is in the list. Suffixes did not work before, and I first had to insert them manually. After a while, the plugin started to insert them automatically. It's perfect!
  • Good to hear. Remember that if you edit a citation manually, it will not automatically update. It is best to let Zotero handle citations until the very last stage before submission.
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