Redirect 'Locate' to Google Scholar

Is there any way to use the "Locate" feature to send the search to google scholar? This would be more convenient since I do not have access to a library.

  • Not at this time. There is drop-down functionality in the beta & the options for this will probably be expanded.

    Presently, you need to put in an OpenURL resolver. The WorldCat resolver does do a fairly good job of finding libraries near you. If that is not sufficient, there are other public/semi-public OpenURL resolvers. When/if the patch is pushed to allow you to add parameters to the OpenURL resolver, you might be able to use:
    which requires (free) authentication credentials, see
    which requires either a school affiliation or you to be an ISI Demo researcher
  • I second google scholar comparing to webcat. actually authors posted most papers on the web in my area. scholar usually links to the pdf directly. it is much more convenient.
  • In principle, it would be relatively easy to create an OpenURL resolver that redirects to a Google Scholar search, which you direct Zotero to use this resolver for the "Locate" button, although I can't actually find any such efforts.
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