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I am having trouble installing in Ubuntu Mate. I have done both the unpacking of the tar file amd then running "./zotero" (without the quotes of course) after cd into the folder and the installation of the Ubuntu distribution within terminal (sudo apt-add-repository smathot/cogscnil) and neither work.

The terminal Ubuntu distribution adds it to the application menus but it won't open.

  • what is the terminal output from ./zotero?
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    julian@julian-desktop-linux:~$ cd /home/julian/Zotero_linux-i686
    julian@julian-desktop-linux:~/Zotero_linux-i686$ ./zotero
    /home/julian/Zotero_linux-i686/zotero-bin: 1: /home/julian/Zotero_linux-i686/zotero-bin: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")
  • That is an issue with the shell script. Stock Ubuntu uses dash for /bin/sh.

    Does Ubuntu Mate or do you personally use a different shell?

    Assuming you have bash or dash installed, one of these may work:
    /bin/bash zotero or /bin/dash zotero.
  • works consistently for me (if you accept all the defaults it will install into ~/bin/zotero/zotero).
  • But that doesn't seem to modify the launching script, so would only be helpful if the issue was that jadoff somehow got stuck with a bad download. Is that correct?
  • Correct, or if the desktop launcher didn't install right.

    The zotero script specifies /bin/sh, but appears to assume that points to bash
  • I've changed the script to use /bin/bash for the next version.
  • Emilianoeheyns, how do I use that file?

  • @jadoff: If it's not clear, you can fix this just by editing ./zotero to say /bin/bash at the top instead of /bin/sh.
  • I changed the zotero file to correct the issue, and now the terminal does not issue an error, but nothing happens.
  • Meaning what, exactly? It returns you to the command prompt, or it stays open but nothing appears? If the latter, try adding -ZoteroDebugText and -jsconsole.
  • (This is specifically for ./zotero from the official tarball.)
  • @dstillman, the terminal simply returns with the normal next line (julian@julian-desktop-linux:~/Zotero_linux-i686$).
  • What happens if you run ./zotero-bin -app application.ini -ZoteroDebug -jsconsole?
  • bash: ./zotero-bin cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
  • Wait, what CPU architecture are you running this on?

    What's the output for file /usr/bin/w?
  • I am running a Raspberry Pi 3.
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    OK, right. Zotero is built for i686 and x86_64. (That'll be the case for pretty much any software you download that just says "Linux 32-bit" and "Linux 64-bit" — like Firefox, on which Zotero is based.) It won't run on an ARM CPU.
  • Ah. okay. Thanks.
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