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Good morning Zotero Community!

I am looking to see if it is possible to get a new style added to the Style Repository?

I have included a couple of things below: the first is a style guide to the different types requested, and then the how they are presented in the format requested.

The style guide is freely available at:

They have many examples of how to style all of the different references that are out there.

Thank you in anticipation

Journal articles
In-Text: (Meindl 1987)
References: Meindl, D 1987, 'Chips for advanced computing', Scientific American, vol. 257, no. 4, pp. 54-62.

Journal articles with two authors
In-Text: (Barletta & Witteveen 2007)
References: Barletta, J & Witteveen, K 2007, 'Pastoral care in hospitals: an overview of issues', Australian Journal of Primary
Health, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 97-105.

Journal articles with three authors
In-Text: (Coppell, Brown & Perry, 2003)
References: Coppell, JA, Brown, SA & Perry, DJ 2003, 'Veno-occlusive disease: cytokines, genetics and haemostasis', Blood
Reviews, vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 63-70.

Journal articles with more than three authors
In-Text: (Dumoulin et al. 2000)
References: Dumoulin, SO, Bittar, RG, Kabani, NJ, Baker, CL, Jr, Le Goualher, G, Pike, GB & Evans, AC 2000, 'A new anatomical
landmark for reliable identification of human area V5/MT: a quantitative analysis of sulcal patterning',
Cerebral Cortex, vol. 10, no. 5, pp. 454-63.

Note: List of all authors in Reference list entry

Electronic- Journal articles

In-Text: (Farley 2008)
References: Farley, J 2008, ‘The role of prices in conserving critical natural capital', Conservation Biology, vol. 22, no. 6, pp. 1399-1408, viewed 23 February 2009,
Note: Provide full location details if these are necessary to find the document OR just the main site details.

In-Text: (Wallis 1992, para. 6.13)
Note: no pagination here but numbered sections are given instead if needed.
References: Wallis, C 1992, 'Asymmetric dependence and mental representation', Psychology, vol. 3, no. 70,
viewed 18 November 2003, .
Field Value
Type article-journal
Title Pastoral care in hospitals: an overview of issues
Author Barletta, J & Witteveen, K
Issued 2007
Container-title Australian Journal of Primary
Volume 13
Issue 1
Page 97-105
DOI 10.1071/PY07013
ISSN 1552-3829
JournalAbbreviation Jnl Primary Health
Language en-AU
Accessed 2010/7/26

Citing books
Book with one author
In-Text: (O'Connor 1957, p. 33)
In-Text: O'Connor (1957) states that...
References: O'Connor, DJ 1957, An introduction to the philosophy of education, Routledge & Kegan Paul, London.

Book with one author with subtitle
In-Text: (Worsley 2008)
References: Worsley, T 2008, Nutrition promotion: theories and methods, systems and settings, Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest, NSW.
Book with two authors
Note: When the authors names are incorporated in the text of your assignment use 'and' not the &.
In-Text: (Zikmund & D'Amico 1989)
In-Text: Zikmund and D'Amico (1989) discussed....
References: Zikmund, WG & D'Amico, M 1989, Marketing, 3rd edn, Wiley, New York.

Book with three authors
In-Text: (Silberschatz, Galvin & Gagne 2007)
References: Silberschatz, A, Galvin, PB & Gagne, G 2007, Operating system concepts with Java, 7th edn, Wiley, Hoboken, NJ.

Book with more than three authors
In Text: (Peirson et al. 2006)
In Text: Peirson et al. (2006) discovered...
References: Peirson, G, Brown, R, Easton, S, Howard, P & Pinder, S 2006, Business finance, 9th edn, McGraw-Hill,
North Ryde, NSW.

Book with no author
If there is no named author, cite the work by title in-text and in the reference list. Refer to Snooks (2002, p. 197)
In-Text: (Guidebook to Australian social security law 1983, ch. 3)
References: Guidebook to Australian social security law 1983, CCH Australia, North Ryde, NSW.

Company, Organisation, Committee, Government Department as author
A publication by a group, committee, government department, organisation, company etc.
In-Text: (Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission 1986, p. 89)
References: Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission 1986, Review of TAFE funding, AGPS, Canberra.

Different Editions

An edition statement is placed after the title of the work. An edition statement is not necessary if the book is a first edition, refer to Snooks (2002 p. 196).
In-Text: (Zikmund & D'Amico 1989)
References: Zikmund, WG & D'Amico, M 1989, Marketing, 3rd edn, Wiley, New York.
Multi-volume works
In-Text: ( Public Land Use Commission 1996)
References: Public Land Use Commission 1996, Tasmania-Commonwealth Regional Forest Agreeement: environment and heritage report, vol. 1, Background report.

eBooks or Electronic Books
Note: The reference for an e-book has all the elements of a printed book. In addition add the date viewed and the URL or web address. For further information refer to Snooks (2000, p. 230)
In-Text: (Fernandez 2007)
References: Fernandez, O 2007, Rails way, Addison-Wesley, Upper Saddle River, NJ, viewed 25 February 2009, .
Edited book
Use the abbreviation (ed.) for a single editor or (eds) for texts with mutiple editors. Refer to Snooks (2002 p. 195).
In-Text: (eds Douglas, Douglas & Derrett 2001)
In-Text: ...edited by Douglas, Douglas and Derret (2001)
References: Douglas, N, Douglas, G & Derrett, R (eds) 2001, Special interest groups: context and cases, John Wiley &
Sons, Brisbane, Qld.

Chapter in an edited book
In-Text: (O'Regan 2002)
References: O'Regan, T 2002, 'A national cinema', in G Turner (ed.), The film cultures reader, Routledge, London, pp. 139-64.

Exhibition Catalogue
Cite and reference as a book or edited book. Provide a description of the document type and if possible the exhibtion dates in normal typeface after the title e.g. exhibition catalogue, 27 March-10 May 2003,
In-Text: (Murray 2003)
References: Murray, K 2003, Haven: the art and craft of refuge in Tasmania, exhibition catalogue, 27 March-10 May
2003, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Tas.

Field Value
Type Book - Pages
Title An introduction to the philosophy of education
Author O'Connor, DJ
Issued 1914
Container-title An introduction to the philosophy of education
Page 100-102
Publisher Routledge and Kegan Paul
Publisher-place London
Event-place London
ISBN ISBN-13: 978-1138693159
ISBN-10: 1138693154
Language en-UK

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