Save to Zotero (DOI) from DataCite Search

When I try to "Save to Zotero" from , I am only offered one of nine items at a time. What is even more confusing, the item changes when I refresh the website. @adamsmith What is going on?

I wish the imported data would consist of more than title, author, year, DOI and library catalog.
  • It's a limitation of picking up multiple DataCite DOIs on a page from the connector; we're aware of that and hope to fix it eventually.

    As for the imported Data, as Martin Fenner explained in the other thread, you're mainly just hitting a limitation of the DataCite data model. Remember DataCite DOIs were designed principally for data and other non-traditional research outputs and their metadata schema reflects that. DataCite is hoping to make improvements on this, but it's not going to be super quick. If you want solid import for journal articles via DOI, I'm afraid there's currently no alternative to using CrossRef.
  • Thanks for the info and your work with DataCite.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of the current disadvantages of DataCite over CrossRef metadata for journal articles before signing up with da|ra.
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