Experimental: BBT auto-export to Overleaf

BBT 5.0.115 has experimental support for Overleaf git repos.

If you have it enabled (https://retorque.re/zotero-better-bibtex/configuration/#overleaf), if you auto-export a bib file to a git clone of an overleaf project, BBT will add, commit and push on auto-export.

Keep in mind that git push isn't discerning; BBT will only "git add" its own auto-exported file, but anything you "git added" yourself will be committed and pushed along with it. I'd recommend getting a separate clone of your project set up for BBT and not do other edits in there (not that I keep to this recommendation myself).

There's currently a known problem that the initial export is not pushed to Overleaf. Any change that causes an auto-export will start the pushes.
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