Do you link to your physical paper copies via Zotero?

Zotero helps me to tame and keep track of a continuous flow of research papers, at least their electronic pdf-incarnation. However, in order to actually read the papers, I still print off quite a few of them. Two years from now I might want to look at the paper copy again - it's easy to find the electronic copy in Zotero - but then I cannot find the paper copy.

Here's my question: how do you link up - if you do - your offline paper copies with the electronic record? I pondered a number of implementation ideas involving a label such as off line "offline copy" and/or to populate the "extra" field with a "shelf mark" for the printed copy (author or day printed) ... and then filing the papers accordingly. But... I won't be the first and only person having this problem I thought I just ask before reinventing the wheel!

Thanks, Stefan
  • I transfer notes from paper copies to Zotero notes or pdf annotations and then throw out the paper copy. I can't keep that much paper organized & I didn't want to see my partner's stern looks every time we moved anymore...
    (just to be clear, I'm not saying this is "the right" way of doing it; I'm sure other people do file papers)
  • Hi Adam, thanks for your comment.

    Well, to follow your route, I'd need a Latex editor inside Zotero.

    I really want to use the old paper copy again, not print it a second time - simply can't think in front of a screen...

    Bye, Stefan
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