Importing an Endnote style

edited March 26, 2018
Hi, I am trying to publish in the ASSAY and Drug Development Technologies journal and they required a specific style that can be downloaded on Endnote only, How can I import the .ens style to my Zotero?

These are examples of the required style:

Journal citation: Ferrer M, Hamilton A, Inglese J: A PDZ domain-based detection system for enzyme assays. Analyt Biochem 2001;301:207–216.

Book citation: Kahn M: High Throughput Screening for Novel Anti-Inflammatories. Birkhauser, Basel, Switzerland, 2000.

Chapter in edited book: Banks M: Automation and Technology for HTS in Drug Development. In: Approaches to High Throughput Toxicity Screening (Atterwill CK, Purcell W, Goldfarb P, eds.), pp. 9–30. Taylor & Francis, London, United Kingdom, 1999.

Web sites: Name of web page. Web address. (Last accessed on [date]). Example: DOE Human Genome Program Research. Available at: . Last accessed August 31, 2005.

And this is a link to download the style from Endnote:

Thanks for your help :)
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