Scopus translator not working

I am trying to download references from Scopus [20May2009] and am having translator issues.
Report ID: 106854996
Thanks for the help.
  • Hello!

    I have problems, too. Short description: When I use scopus and want to create a reference item from a page, the box in the lower right corner comes up with no text. afterwards there is no new entry in the zotero database.

    workaround: using scopus for searching, using sfx to find other sites that host the article and generate reference there.
  • Patch:

    I think the encoding of the RIS-file was giving problems. There is still the problem of the nested doGet in the processDocuments (the latter is needed as first the citation-download page has to be read in order to construct the url to the RIS-file read in doGet), where Zotero.done() and Zotero.wait() don't play nice. Didn't know how to fix that.
  • please give me a hint what to do with this script

  • phen,
    You don't need to do anything with it. I will apply it to the translator and push it out to the clients.

    Thanks Rintze!
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