Adapting bookmarklet?

Is it possible to amend the script in the bookmarlet ( to always place records into a specific folder, e.g. Inbox?

This would be very useful so that I know to check that folder later for newly-added records and edit, add tags, etc.

  • No, that's not possible, but you can get close to this functionality by using a Saved Search in Zotero with the conditions that the item was added in, say, the last two weeks and doesn't have any tags associated with it.
  • I realise now that the best search for items needing attention is:

    Added in the last month AND not in any collection

    I cannot see how to use advanced search to find items *not* in any collection - it looks like I have to specify "is not" for every single collection. There must be a shorter way?
  • It doesn't seem like "Not in any collection" is currently possible. If you consistently use tags of some sort, you could use the condition: "Tag" "does not contain" "%" to get all un-tagged items.

    Another, even easier option, would be to use the Unfiled Items special collection at the bottom of the left and sort by the Date Added column.

    @dstillman A while back you mentioned it might be possible to add "Unfiled Items" and "Duplicate items" as collections in Advanced Search. I understand that there might be performance consequences for Duplicate Items, but would Unflied Items have similar impacts?
  • Ah, yes,it looks like 'Unfiled Items" will achieve what I want.

    Thanks @bwiernik .
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