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Does Zotero have a connector for Microsoft Edge?
  • No, it doesn't. See here for one of the threads with info on why not. Basically, the extension system in Edge is not yet mature enough and doesn't support some of the key functions a Zotero connector would need to talk to Zotero.
  • The discussion does not seem to account for the new developments in Edge, for which several extensions are now available.

    Is there a documented API connectors use? I suspect it would be easier to start from scratch and implement a native extension than trying to port, also considering the extension needs to be in the Microsoft Store.
  • These are my latest findings from almost a year ago
    Is there a documented API connectors use? I suspect it would be easier to start from scratch and implement a native extension than trying to port, also considering the extension needs to be in the Microsoft Store.
    You can see connector codebase readme for some background on what the connectors use. Firefox, Chrome and Edge support the same extension APIs, so there's nothing to start from scratch (nor do we have the development time and resources to do so, or a big interested in edge connector to justify it). That said, the extension could have plausibly been made to work last year with enough dedication, but due to Edge's own developer tools and API bugs we decided to not pursue it further. I will try to find time and take a look at it again sometime soon, maybe things have improved on Microsoft's front.
  • I've been following the Zotero-related Microsoft Edge threads for quite some time, and would definitely be interested in using an Edge connector. I suspect there are a lot of others out there who would also be interested, but just haven't commented. Great appreciate those of you who have dedicated time to trying to make the connector work on Edge, even despite the initial flaky API Microsoft released!
  • +1 to ajosep10. I would definitely use Zotero connector on Edge. Btw, Edge improved its support of extensions since 1803 (April 2018).

    Thanks in advance!
  • I too am interested in using Zotero connector on Edge.
  • I am interested in using Zotero connector on Edge too, have been followed forum threads on Edge connectors for a while. Zotero connector is the only reason I'm still opening up Chrome these days. Many thanks for those who are dedicating their time to develop these tools for Zotero.
  • I am definitely also interested for a connector on edge too!!!!!
  • Yes, please make an Edge connector. I have to use Edge for some of my research projects because it oddly has some capabilities that work better for me than Chrome. I am always using Edge and Chrome simultaneously and would LOVE the connector for both.
  • I have been an avid Edge user since inception and have watched it mature. I have always wished for a Zotero connector that works with the browser, though. I don't use Chrome but do use Firefox, occasionally, especially when I want to save an article to Zotero. I've been using Pocket to save articles for the past year because it is cross-platform/cross-browser. It works on my iPhone, as well as my Kindle Fire, as well as my PC's. Click a button and that's essentially it. Unfortunately, it is not a powerful reference manager as Zotero is - where the vast majority of my bibliography lies. So, in a long-winded way, I'm asking the developers to please consider a Zotero connector for Edge. Keep up the excellent work! :-)
  • I have been preferring edge to chrome because of its better touchpad/touchscreen support and far superior pdf reader, which really comes in handy when doing research. If zotero connector could be made to work on edge (it probably can now, the capability of edge extensions has vastly improved), it would make edge phenomenal for researching and reviewing academic work. As a frequent user, please look into it again.
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    We've released a new version of the Zotero bookmarklet that can save items directly to your local Zotero from Edge, with the same interface for choosing a target collection and adding tags that's available from the Zotero Connector. While you don't get advanced features such as automatic proxy direction or automatic RIS/BibTeX import, this should provide nearly the same save experience. (You don't get the dynamic icon or the ability to select alternative translators.)
  • Thanks dstillman and Zotero team for your great efforts,
    I feel the need to jump in and point some headaches, correct me if I'm mistaken.
    Firstly something that has nothing to do with the bookmarklet itself but deals with Edge. As far as I can see, there's no straightforward way to "add" the bookmarklet to the favorites bar, one needs to create a bookmark of another page in the favorites bar, and then change the URL of that bookmark to the bookmarklet. If there's a better way to "install" the bookmarklet that might solve the problem described below, please add it to the guide of the bookmarklet page.
    My problem with the bookmarklet itself is, when I attempted to download a bibitem, the bookmarklet connects to and unlike Zotero connector that saves the bibitem to the folder that's open in Zotero desktop, it saves the bibitem in the main library.
  • I'm seeing the same for 1.) -- I don't think Edge allows dragging for bookmark(let)s -- but 2.) works as described by Dan for me, i.e. I can select a collection and the bookmarklet saves locally.
    If you're sure you're using the most recent version of the bookmarklet code, I'd check security/proxy software, which might be interfering with the ability of the bookmarklet to connect to Zotero locally.
  • Same for me - there is no way to drag the bookmarklet button to Edge favourites. Please advise @dstillman
    Many thanks.
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    I don't have Edge in front of me, but if you can't drag, an alternative process is described above by nonkreon:
    one needs to create a bookmark of another page in the favorites bar, and then change the URL of that bookmark to the bookmarklet
  • I confirm that by creating a bookmark and then change the url, it works fine. I haven't faced any problem for referencing any document since then. It would be great to have a real extension such as the one in Firefox though. Come on zotero team, keep it up, we are counting on you!!!!
  • Particularly annoying about that bookmarklet versus a proper extension is that there is no way to place a Bookmark on the main toolbar in Edge, so using the Bookmarklet means having to display the entire Favorites bar, which I don’t otherwise use, just to show the Save to Zotero button.
  • Microsoft has announced that Edge will move to the Chromium engine, so hopefully getting a fully-functioning Zotero connector for Edge will become dramatically easier at that point.
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    Copying the link for the bookmarklet, then editing an existing bookmark and replacing the URL with the copied link and renaming the bookmark did the trick. Thanks.
  • If you download Microsoft Edge Insiders, you can install Zotero connector for Chrome now and it works seamlessly.

    Zotero is still not in the official Edge extensions store, but just head to Google extensions and install it from there.
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