"You have edited this citation" is unclear about which citation

Common problem in large documents where co-authors may occassionally (inadvertently) edit Zotero fields: I refresh Zotero and get a string of "You have edited this citation" warnings, but without any indication of which citation it concerns. Problem is, you can only say yes (losing updating) or no (losing the edits), not even cancel to cancel the whole operation and go look for it manually.

Possible solutions:
1. Ideally it should jump to the one intended and highlight it; or else display the edited text in the warning window itself.
2. Or at least there should be a "Cancel" option so that I'm not forced to make changes without seeing them.
  • I think trying to view a citation behind the dialog is too awkward, but displaying the edited text in the dialog makes sense to me. It could even show both the original and the edited version,¬†which would make it easier to decide whether to keep the edit.

    We're planning to remove the editor in the classic Add/Edit Citation dialog, since 1) most edits shouldn't be made that way and 2) it's been possible to simply edit the citation in the document for years, so clarifying this dialog is important.

    Issue created.
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