Sync Failure request Report Upload ID 604357678

The main issue available as error in the log seem to be related to content type changes to video from other types that contain the field author.

The usual warning was issued but seem to only warn before loss of information.

The errors warning from the symbol next to the sync icon, seem to have trouble when the content of the author field is still there and interferes with he sync routine.

This should be fixed by an exception or validator.

Yes, it makes sense to keep the content of unused field after type change until they are changed back (e.g. after mistakes). We use this in Plone for customer definable content types where we add so called behaviours, that can survive dynamic changes and roundtripping between different types during transformations. Unused data is simpky not visible until explicitly be overwritten or an issued confirmed loss (like it is pretended here but leaving trouble).

-- thanks in advance for a review of the case
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