Zotero saves multiple pdf attachments instead of one


I've got a problem with Zotero adding several attachments to a citation, whereas there should be only one. I kinda understand why this happens when I download items with Zotero Connector from Google Scholar. GScholar entries have two hyperlinks, both leading to the same pdf file, so Zotero downloads it twice.

It is even more inconvenient when I use multiple (quite similar) queries and download the same citation several times, and when I merge identical entries, it just adds up all of them.

1.Is there a way to make Zotero Connector download only one pdf from GScholar, not two identical ones? If needed, debug ID is D1616604095
2.And also is there a way to make it recall that such and such files for such and such citation are already downloaded?
3.Is there a way to de-dup attachments in a 'smart' way? This can be done quite easily with bibliographical entries using "Duplicate items", but haven't found a way to do so with attachments.
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