Diacritics and Zotero to BibTex export, i.e. í


I am sorry to bring the diacrticis problem again but I cannot find a solution what shoudl I do to export correctly names with diacrticis from Zotero to BibTex. In explicit, I have a problem with the letter "í", all other diacrticis are exported just fine, for example ö as {\"o}, but this one letter is always exported as {\'\i} instead of {\'i}, is there any simple way of fixing it other than just a global search and replace before Tex-generated file is printed?


  • We can look at this, but for now, the Better BibTeX add-on for Zotero (https://github.com/retorquere/zotero-better-bibtex) has better and more comprehensive diacritics support -- I'd just install & use that.
  • Thanks for the tip, but it still does not export í properly, it's still {\'\i}.
  • Have you tried replacing the letter in Zotero? I'm wondering if it's incorrectly composed
  • I tried typing it it with Icelandic keyboard, international keyboard as well as unicode U+00ED... no change
  • As far as I know, "{\'\i}" is the proper form -- the "\i" is an "i without dot" so the accent composes cleanly on top. If that has changed (ISTR that TeX has gotten smarter about this), feel free to open an issue on the Better BibTeX issue tracker.
  • emiliano is correct.

    Either form is valid markup, though may lead to different printed characters when using different TeX chains. I think it makes sense we keep the current form for greater compatibility.

    Katarzyna: what issues are you having with {\'\i}?
  • Zotero is exporting {\'\i} which is not displayed correctly when I compile the file.
    I have to change it in bib file into {\'i} before compiling to get the correct dispaly, i.e. when I have {Reykjav{\'\i}k} the accent mark looks just odd, and when I have {Reykjav{\'i}k} it looks as I expect it to look.

    If you say that {\'\i} is the correct encoding then maybe there is some problem with my preamble... I don't know now what the problem is.
  • I have heard about this problem before... I don't mean to hijack the conversation, but on the BBT issue tracker I have a bibtex expert who will more likely than not know the ins and outs of this problem. If you could open an issue that could get the conversation started.
  • @"Katarzyna Anna" can you see if "{\'{\i}}" does work?
  • (do people with spaces in their username get notification of @-mentions?)

    I've seen reports that "{\'{\i}}" should be compatible across processors, but I don't know how @"Katarzyna Anna" s toolchain is composed.
  • @emilianoeheyns To @ someone with a space in their name, you need to replace the space with %20 (and no quotes).

  • Good to know. The Forum software auto-completes to @"user name".
  • Yes, it’s rather annoying (and why Dan changed his username to dstillman a while back).
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