Help, I think I broke my library sync!

I think I've gotten my library into some kind of inconsistent state: I was trying to move all the papers in "my library" into a group library, and Zotero Standalone hung and crashed partway through. I restarted it and finished, and everything looks correct on my local machine: All the documents exist in the group library, and "my library" is empty. I also "moved" -- deleted and re-created -- all the collections from My Library into the group library.

I was able to run sync, and all the papers appeared in the group library on the website, but they _didn't_ disappear from my library. So I had 1 copy of every document on my desktop, but 2 copies of every document on the web site / server.

I tried to just delete the extra copies off the server, but that's when it really broke: Now when I try to sync my desktop copy, I get error messages like the following:

> "An error occurred during syncing:
> Collection 6JNRC6Z9 not found for item 1/99QSZZTC"

As far as I can tell, it's trying to "replay" the server-side deletes on my desktop, but that's not going well because the collections those records were in are gone.

So, what can I do now? My local setup _looks_ fine, though I can't be certain. Can I do some kind of force-sync to update the server side to match? Or something else?


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