difficult to modify my profile

I want to modify my profile but instructions are not clear for me. The site wants I validate my mail adress, but it is impossible. It tried to do so, and then, I received the message from Zotero, I clic on the link and coming back in Zotero web site , I cannot follow the instructions because my sync-setup windows is not the one shown. In my window in Zotero, in front of my user name is the button "dissocate". What can I do. I don't want to do a mistake, what meaning dissociating ?
Thanks for your help.
  • Is that on the account you're posting from? You shouldn't get that warning in the settings on this account. If you are that's a bug.
  • I'm sorry, i not a good english reader and I don't understand completly. The problem seems to be solved now, I don't understand why now, it works... Thank god of the computerscience. I imagine just linking using the adresse of the message was sufficiant.
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