How to: selectively download individual attachments from online Zotero library?

My scenario:
I have a rather large library, that I wanted to selectively access at work. I basically just want to search the index and titles, and then download specific attachments when required. Right now I have only synced the biblio information to the new installation/computer.

Is this possible? Something like e.g. right-clicking and "download attachment from Zotoro library"... I could have sworn that I read that this was possible once upon a time, but all my searches come up with troubleshooting problems. This is not really a problem, but a feature question...

Any insights would be welcomed. Thanks
  • The File sync setting in the Zotero preferences has an "as needed" setting which will do exactly what you ask, i.e. only try to download a file when you try to open it.
  • I see it now, thanks :)
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