Unused tags appearing in tag list of group library

We use tags in our group library to identify author affiliations. No tags other than our 5 affiliation acronyms are used. The group library is here: https://www.zotero.org/groups/469262/prairie_research_institute_staff_bibliography/items

Recently, I noticed that when I view our group library online, a very long list of tags appears. They appear whether or not I am not logged in to Zotero. These "extra" tags are not used in citations in this library. Clicking any of them gives a "no items found" message. These tags only appear on that one group library, not on other group libraries I manage.

The extra tags effectively mask the 5 tags we actually use in the library, and because they retrieve nothing, they're worse than useless.

Are these ghosts of tags we've deleted from citations we've added to the group library? Any thoughts on how we can eliminate them? Also curious whether others are seeing the long tag list when they view our group library--if it's just me, I'll stop fretting...
  • So I figured this out--the phantom tags were tags on citations in the group library trash, which I had neglected to empty. I emptied trash, synced, refreshed tag list, and all the unwanted tags disappeared. Hope this helps someone else someday =)
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