Cannot find Chicago style 16th edition (full note, no ibid)

Hello there,

I am not able to locate Chicago style 16th edition (full note, no ibid). I did download on my previous computer. but now I can't find it in the styles options.

Could you help me with this?
  • Yeah, we consolidated styles somewhat when we moved to the 17th edition of Chicago and only kept the most popular 16th edition ones, so that is no longer available.
    If you absolutely need it, I can walk you through how to get it back, but it's a bit involved.
  • please help me
  • As in -- the almost identical but up-to-date 17th edition Chicago Manual style (which doesn't use ibid) won't do?
  • actually our college's guidelines strictly ask us to use 16th edition (full note, no ibid)
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