Zotero 5.0.36 -> New Tags Field layout = defective & ineffective

Just updated to recent version 5.0.36. I totally hate the new tags field layout.
1. Why are the fonts now bigger? Digging for specific tags has become harder.
2. The GUI layout is defective, doesn't depict the complete Tag Field after a specific width of the Library Field has reached!

Have a look on the following visual comparision.


Totally unnecessary changes.
  • 1. The Tag field now takes the font-size setting from the general preferences. This was always intended behavior and had been broken on Mac (and people complained multiple times that it didn't work).

    2. I think that's just a size effect -- items have always started disappearing at a certain level of minimization of a pane. The alternative in this case would be to not allow minimizing beyond that level, which I think would be worse.

    (Also, a friendly reminder that you're talking to real people here. You can get your point across without being brusque)
  • edited March 13, 2018
    Sorry if anybody feels offended, that was not my intention. I just wanted to emphasise my real upset about the mentioned changes. I respect your arguments, still it is far from being a smart solution. Whatever.

    Nevertheless, I want to thank all the developers and participants who made Zotero possible
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