PDF metadata - extract date field?

edited March 13, 2018
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https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/70567/available-for-beta-testing-new-pdf-recognizer I asked about PDF metadata, and whether that's being used. It's not - which is fine, as it's often not set.

However, I think the date is useful. I am working through a pile of undated documents at the moment, and at least the PDF date gives some indication (even if it's not the actual first publication date, it's the date of this version, or likely the date of this version).

Is there a case to extract the date from the metadata from the PDF? If not into the record, then perhaps into a note?

At the moment, I'm opening each PDF, apple-d to see metadata, read off the date, type it into the item. That's quite cumbersome...
  • I don't think so -- PDF dates are all over the place just like the other PDF metadata fields. People don't like random stuff extracted into notes.
    If the dates are useful for a batch of PDFs you're looking at, you can always look at them in an XMP viewer such as the free https://www.evermap.com/autometadata.asp
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