Selecting notes in Juris-M 5.0.37m10 causes error

I’ve just updated to JM v 5.0.37m10. (I’m on a Mac.) Since the update, whenever I click on a note—any note—I receive the following message:
“An error has occurred. Please restart Zotero. You can report this error by selecting ‘Report Errors…’ from the Help menu.”

(1) There isn’t a “Report Errors” option on the Help menu.
(2) Is there a workaround that will let me access my notes?

Many thanks!
  • Have received this bug report on the Juris-M project mailing list, and will handle it there.

    (Notes are reported to work normally under Linux. This is either platform-specific or specific to the installation.)
  • This error under Juris-M on the Mac was caused by a build against stale sources for the note editor. The bug has been fixed in a fresh release.
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