Saving web pages to zotero on mobile phone?


I use zotero. But am looking for an evernote replacement which has a handy app that allows you to save web-pages via your (android) mobile phone.

I've looked at the zotero apps available on google play, but haven't found one that can do this. May be I missed something?

Any help will be appreciated.
  • though I don't think that'll currently work on webpages -- it should in the future, though.
  • Thanks for the info.

    It's a shame that zotero doesn't have a working off-line phone app, especially for saving web-pages.
  • Why would offline be important for saving webpages? Presumably you're online when you want to save webpages.
  • I'm looking a similar functionality: I receive mesages from groups, or visit web pages on my android phone, and some times need to add this web page (or article, or another web item) to my Zotero library. In my case, could be on line.
    I can't found in available free apps for android (ZotEZ, Aziz) untill now, that let me add pages to Zotero. I've tried Bookmarklet too, but I can't (or understand) how to do it.
    Ther are any app or procedure I can't realize yet?
  • I'm not sure if even payed apps as Zotdroid support this functionality?
    Is not explicit in the description...
    And, what about papers stored in sites like Research gate or
  • There's no Android app I'm aware of that is able to add items. The bookmarklet is the way to go. You'd have to say what you'd tried -- make sure to google general instructions for bookmarklets on your android version and preferred browser: Zotero's bookmarklet works like any other bookmarklet.

    The low tech alternative would be to just use bookmarks and sync them with your desktop browser and add items to Zotero there, which will work more reliably.
  • I've found an old post that help me to solve the issue (Firefok 58.0.2 for Android):

    I cite: " fcheslack
    February 23, 2013
    You can give the bookmarklet a convenient name, then while on a page you want to save, start entering that name in the url bar until chrome suggests the bookmarklet."

    This way allow me to save some web pages. First, if I previously sign into my Zotero account in the browser, a frame appears "Looking for translators...". After that "Saving Item..." and, done!

    If I don't sign in before, after write "save to zotero" (the name by default for bookmarklet I choose), a frame opens let me write my credentials to sign in. After that, saving success.

    Before were not working, maybe because I'm triying to ask for bookmarks from browser menu, not writing the bookmark in the adress bar as @fcheslack suggest.

    I tried in and works well, but is necessary to check some errors in reference fields. Two tries in ResearchGate not work.

    Some pages are not allowed to save: "Saving failed... No items could be saved because this web sitebis not supported by any Zotero translator (...)". I hope later discover why....

    Thanks @adamsmith for your help.
  • Yes, I found the same thing for Chrome mobile -- if you try to select a bookmarklet from the bookmark menu it doesn't work. You have to call it by typing it's "name" in the address bar.

    I think planned changes should make the bookmarklet work on more pages still, but might take a little until that's the case.
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