Within Add/Edit Editor box text is not showing up

When I'm in add/edit citation the editor box will open but it remains blank and therefore I can't edit citation.
Word 16.10
Zotero 5.0.36-beta.13+3dcdd7f2b
  • That's the quick format box with the red frame or the classic add citation dialog?
  • the classic add citation dialog
  • Yes, this is a regression in 5.0.36. We'll have a fix out shortly.
  • Two things to note, though:

    1) Generally you don't want to edit the citation directly and should instead correct data in Zotero itself or add locators via the dialog.

    2) If you really do want to edit the citation, you don't need to use that dialog — you can just edit it directly in the document. On the next refresh Zotero will then warn you that you modified it and that it won't be updated again. (If you later decide to revert it to automatic updating, you can put your cursor within it and click Add/Edit Citation.)
  • This is fixed in 5.0.37, available now (though the editor will likely be removed altogether in an upcoming version, for the reasons I mention).
  • Hi. I have the same problem and updated to 5.0.37 but in some instances the editor box remains blank.

    Given your comment that the editor will be removed:: One thing I struggled for a long time now is that i use APA and for in text citations such as according to Smith (2017, p. 222) "blablabla" ; As the editor is not the best solution as you mention (because it is not refreshed anymore), what is the best way to achieve this? I saw on the homepage that you suggest to suppress the author and the name manually.

    But for APA if there is more than two authors, it should say Smith, Woods and Jones (2007, p. xx) argue that "blablabla" for the first time in the text and Smith et al. (2007, p. xx) argue that "blablabla" for the subsequent instances. Is there a way to do this via Zotero or do i need to write the names manually in any case?

  • Yes, you need to use Suppress Author and write the author names in text manually. My general approach to avoid having to track first versus subsequent appearances of references is to use constructions like “Smith and colleagues (2001)”.
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