Waste basket for accidentally deleted directories?

Since it just happened again, I try to find a solution or suggest one. Somehow again I succeeded to wipe a directory unintentionally into the nirwana. I had collected entries in dir A, created subdirs B, C, D, E. I started to copy entries from A to B etc. by criteria. After moving entries, I deleted them from A. During such a deletion the dir A and subdirs vanished. I opened all branches of My Library and entered the name of the vanished dir A - nothing there. Trashbin does not contain anything like dir A.

Are deleted dirs kept somewhere?
If not - I would really appreciate if such a feature could be implemented.
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    If this happened in the last couple days you can try to restore from an automatic backup.
  • Thank You for this suggestion. Fortunately this time the accident happened at the beginning of a project and it can be restarted with little loss of time at this moment. But sometimes before I experience larger losses of dir structure although the entries were kept. When trying to restore from automatic backup I would be afraid to cause even more damage.....

    Would it be a large coding work to incorporate something like a trashbin for everything in Zotero? Or is there another obstacle I cannot see as a user?
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