RDF import fail with 5.0.36 :: Debug ID: D990544155

I don't seem able to import an RDF object with Zotero 5.0.36. The error message seems to suggest that it's not a problem with the data itself.
  • Checked RDF exports as well, to be sure that the data wasn't triggering the failure. Same result, same error message in the log.

    Bibliontology export: D837271324
    RDF export: D1271896706
  • This is working for me.
  • Thanks for checking.
  • edited March 10, 2018
    Found the problem at my end, it was bad header data delivered by a new translator update channel for Juris-M. In the course of following up, though, I discovered that the Zotero channel is delivering configOptions both as an attribute and as text content to an eponymous tag. It looks like only the latter is read off by the client.
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