RIS import: Zotero remains on last edited record instead of new import

When I import a record into Zotero automatically by downloading an RIS file, the new file is placed at the top of the collection but I think that I recall that in the past the newly imported was selected for editing. Currently the last record that was edited still has focus. I would prefer that the focus for editing be on the newly imported record.

My use case:
I realize that my focus might not be so useful when more than one RIS record is imported from a file of several articles. However, when I grab a single RIS record from a publisher's site and Zotero automatically imports it; it would be nice to have that record be the one selected for editing. I am using RIS import from ScienceDirect so that I can capture keywords as tags. ScienceDirect articles must be hand-edited at least two ways: none of the records come with language metadata and 2) the case of the article titles (even from the same journal issue) might be sentence-case or title-case.

Thank you.
  • This seems so clear-cut that I'm wondering if it isn't just a bug. I can reproduce the behavior though. Import of RIS via connector does not select the imported item.
  • Fixed in 5.0.37
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