ScienceDirect translator not capturing keywords but RIS has them

Please try to adjust the ScienceDirect translator to capture the publisher/author supplied keywords. I can capture these by exporting ScianceDirect RIS and importing that into Zotero. Each time I import a ScienceDirect I have to struggle not to click on the Zotero icon and instead use the export function.

I have provided the following links to articles where the Zotero import doesn't bring in keywords but I suspect that this problem is common to all ScienceDirect records.

  • The translator uses the RIS and imports tags for me. Are you positive you have the import tags preference set in the general tab of the preferences?

    If so, which browser, which Zotero version?
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    My Zotero version:

    On a Mac using Firefox 58.0.2.

    Automatically tag items with keywords and subject headings tick-box is checked.

    I'll test other websites for databases and other publishers and post again on Saturday.

  • Same thing is happening with Wiley articles:

    Here the keywords are also in the header and in the RIS. If I import the RIS the keywords become tags.
  • @dstillman this appears to be a regression between 5.0.34 (where I was testing this yesterday) and 5.0.36 -- Zotero isn't saving any tags from either Chrome or Firefox. This isn't RIS related, in addition to the above examples, I also tested on with no tags returning.
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    Yeah, tags are being saved and then deleted at the end of translation. This was indeed a regression in 5.0.36 (and in the beta for the last month). We'll try to have a fix out soon.

    (That PubMed page isn't relevant, though — no tags are being sent to the client for that one.)
  • This should be fixed in the latest Zotero beta.
  • I can confirm that this problem is fixed in the most recent beta. Thank you!
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