Advanced Search -- Count of Found Items

This may be a feature request.

In December I donated about 500 books to a local library, and to keep track of them in Zotero I tagged them as "Donated." Now that I'm preparing my taxes, I want to know exactly how many books were donated.

Zotero's advanced search does a great job of finding these books, but it does not say how many it found. Is there any easy way in Zotero to count how many items have a specific tag?

If not, please consider this a feature request for the advanced search to display a message, probably at the bottom of the window, saying how many items were found.

  • If you just select the tag (without advanced search), Zotero shows the item count on the right.

    If you create a saved search from an advanced search and select it, Zotero also shows an item count on the right.
  • @adamsmith - this works great, thanks!
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