separating field containing multiple creferences into fields with only one reference

I am currently struggling with particular problem. I'm writing my article using zoter which stores the references as a MS Word fields. In case of multiple citations e.g. [1], [2], [3] I get one field. I would like to know if it is possible to automatically decompose the field into three fields each containing one reference? To be more precise:
Field_A([1]), Field_B([2]), Field_C([3]) instead of Field_A([1], [2], [3]).
I am using:
IEEE style
MS Word 2013
old version of Zotero if new one has this option I will consider to upgrade for now due to high pressure with deadlines I will stay on this version.
I'll be really grateful for Your help
  • Not possible. Why do you want this, though?
  • Thanks adomasven for fast reply,
    I have a VBA script that creates an hyperlink between inline citation and bibliography. When You have at least two references merged in one field it creates hyperlink only to the first in line reference in the field.
    Maybe there's possibility to modify the VBA script allowing hyperlinking between in-line citation and bibliography, but I'm less than beginner in VBA.
    Any solutions on Your mind?
  • I think you should be able to anchor the hyperlink/bookmarks to just the number, not the whole field -- find the field, then in the field find numbers in square brackets, then convert those into links.

    Note that i'd expect such scripts to interfere with or be overwritten by Zotero's Word integration, so only run them at the end.
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