Feature request: Fuzzy/Mid-string tag search when adding tags.

edited March 4, 2018
In the tag browser pane you can search for "States" and it will yield "United States". But when you add tags in the Item->Tags pane you have to make sure that you type in the tag string from the very beginning. I have so many custom tags that I forget how some of them start.

I think it would be better if the tag browser and tag assignment searched tags the same way.
  • I actually like having them different. It is useful to me to have the ability to search for them in different ways.
  • I would second the OP request. I keep finding myself making duplicate tags, which makes searching later harder. A fuzzy search in the tag add pane would solve that.
  • I'll third the OP request. (Also adding this fuzzy tag auto-complete to the browser extension's 'pop-up', which currently has no auto-complete at all).
  • I agree with OP, I would prefer to have fuzzy searching for tag suggestions. My tags have hierarchy so it's annoying to type in "Grandparent > Parent > Child" every time I add a tag.
  • Yes, please add this feature. I have so many tags that I can't remember how they all begin. Being able to bring up a key word in the already created tag would be extremely helpful when adding that tag to a new source.
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