Workflow for articles/sections and books

edited March 3, 2018
Just some general observations on the workflow for articles and their parent publications:
Sometimes I add a book, but later realize I should have added the book section instead. Adding the section requires more manual editing then it should be, because that info is already in the database. So a relation to that book item for the containing book section items would be great to have.
The ISBN search is not helpful for adding book sections either, because the ISBN is adding the whole book.
When I decide to quote another section of that book, I have 3 times similar items in the database.

It would be great to have a cleaner way to organize those items. The 'Related' tab of an item isn't really helping for this case, or am I missing something obvious?
  • In terms of manual editing, Duplicating the book item and changing it to a book section gives you most of the information and you just have to add chapter authors, title, and page range.

    The Zutilo add-on has a function that automatically does the change to book section and also adds the items as related.

    I terms of organization, while that would be nice it turns out to be very involved under the hood, so that's not going to happen any time soon.
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