Save article icon in address bar not working as expected

Hi Guys,

I noticed that while saving articles from the Conservation Biology website the grey box that appears after press the article icon in the address bar does not show the reference title.

I checked and the references are actually saved, it is just that usually you see the author and title in the grey box of the article being saved. Not sure if it is a problem with a generic translator (although worked OK in 1.5) or the latest Beta version.

Link to article and site where problem noted although I have checked another site and the problem still occurs: Conservation Biology

  • The translator works as expected in 2.0 for me (e.g. the status box in the lower-right corner shows the article info).

    However, the exported file from Wiley has erroneous volume and issue numbers assigned to it.
  • noksagt,

    I updated my translators from the preference window and checked I have the latest download and the problem still occurs.

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