Connector confused when JSTOR shows related topics

MacOS 10.13.3, Zotero standalone, Safari 11.0.3

Because of JSTOR's stupid TOS dialogs, I usually click to see the PDF and then go back and hit the Zotero connector button to import the info. Unfortunately JSTOR tries to be helpful and show related topics, but this seems to confuse the connector, and I get a generic icon for it, and the import will then be of "web page with snapshot", not the actual article from JSTOR. The URL also changes to include "#page_scan_tab_contents"
  • Could you post exact URLs at which this happens?
  • Many. Try this one:

    It seems to happen when I first download a PDF and so agree to the terms. Then I close the PDF that opens and the "handy" dropdown appears on the original page telling me that the PDF has been downloaded and showing me four related topics. That's when the connector icon changes in conjunction with, I think, the change of the URL.
  • Do you have another browser you could try this with? I can't replicate this on any of the ones here, so would be good to know if this is Safari only.
  • Works fine with FireFox, so maybe it's Safari. Firefox downloads the PDF instead of opening it in a browser window as Safari does, but it also shows the dropdown in the original window.
  • Thanks for the report. We'll have a fixed version out shortly.
  • An updated Safari connector is now available. You can update from the Extensions pane in Safari.
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