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I have a book, and corresponding eBooks in three different formats, like PDF, ePub, etc.
I wonder what is the most appropriate type to use for eBooks, and where would I put the actual file format?
  • I think the book is still the best type. You can use extra field to store info about format.
  • Yes, use Book and put the file format if needed in Extra like this:
    medium: ePub book
  • @bwiernik I just tried putting medium: ePub book in Extra, but it does not yield anything.

    All I get is this : Shelton, Robert. No Direction Home: The Life and Music of Bob Dylan. Omnibus Press, 2011.

    I would like to have "ePub file" at the end, after the date, in MLA format. Could you please tell me what I'm doing wrong ?
  • Actually, I've just double checked. What it should yield is something like this, apparently, in MLA 8, with the indication "ePub ed." or whatever, just after the title.

    MLA Handbook. 8th ed., Kindle ed., Modern Language Association of America, 2016.

    I've been reading a lot, but I find it very unclear how exactly to quote from ePub formats in MLA... but that's another subject.
  • The variable "medium" is not mapped for the type book (https://aurimasv.github.io/z2csl/typeMap.xml#map-book). The MLA style does not use CSL variable "medium". Currently, I see only two possible ways: 1. somebody (e.g. @adomasven) can modify MLA style if current style is not fully compatible to the style definition or 2. you can use any different style.
  • I can add medium to MLA if you can show me exactly where it should be for books, chapters, and journal articles.
  • @LiborA Thank you. The second option is impossible. I am writing my whole thesis in MLA.

    @bwiernik What do you mean exactly ? What do you need me to tell you ?
    Below is the best information I have found on MLA 8, I believe, with an example at the end. Please tell me if that is enough.

    Thank you both for your help.

    To cite an e-book from an e-reader, such as a Kindle or Nook, find the following pieces of information:

    The author’s full name
    Titles of any chapters or sections that were used
    The title of the book
    The name of the e-reader device
    Volume number of the book (if applicable)
    The publisher of the book
    The year the book was published
    City the book was published in (only necessary if the book was printed prior to 1900, has versions that are different in one country than in another, or if it is a rare book)
    The name of any editors or translators, if applicable
    Page numbers or ranges that were used

    Structure of a citation for an e-book found on an e-reader in MLA 8:

    Author’s last name, First name. “Title of the chapter or section.” Title of the e-book, translated by or edited by First name Last name, Name of e-reader device, vol. number, Publisher, Year of publication, page number(s).

    Example of a citation for an e-book found on an e-reader in MLA 8:

    Doer, Anthony. All the Light We Cannot See. Kindle ed., Scribner, 2014.
  • Okay, I can work on adding medium to the MLA style, but I’m swamped with other work right now, so won’t get to this very quickly. You could also store this info in the Edition field (“Kindle ed.”, etc.) and it should be formatted correctly.
  • @bwiernik Yes, I did try the Edition field. My only issue with it is that when I write "ePub", it yields "Epub", putting an automatic capital letter.

    However, I've tried to do some research, and although I though it was the convention to write it "ePub", I can't find any source that tells me so. I find EPUB all in capital letters also... So I guess it's not that much of a problem.

    As a conclusion, I will use the Edition field for the moment, and whenever you manage to add "medium", I would be very happy if you could send me a quick text so I know about it.

    Thank you very much !
  • @bwiernik Good morning!

    I am continuing this thread from 3 years ago. I would like to know where this stands now. Is it possible for me to indicate "medium: ePub book" with MLA now?

    As I said in my last message, I have been trying to use the Edition field. The problem is that I NEED the Edition field to indicate if it is 2nd or 3rd edition, so it is a problem if the field is already used to indicate that it is an epub version.

    Could you please tell me what I should do to indicate BOTH?
  • @damnation Thank you! It works absolutely fine!

    Have a beautiful day :-)
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