RTF/ODT Scan and Scrivener

Hi All, I am using the rtf scan and zotero to get my diss formatted from a Scrivener export. However I keep running into two problems.

1. When I set the doc prefrence on my odt output file from Scrivener the resulting scan does not add the full note information (i.e. leaves out custom notes I have added within the citation brackets. See example citation below) to the footnotes.
{blah blah blah etc:| horton, 1975 | | |zu:774115:6GA2F6HK}

2. When the footnotes are created by the scan I would like to be able to control the formatting details of the output (spacing, indentation, etc) is there a way to alter these elements?

Thanks for all your help and support
  • 1. That should work. Do you have an example?

    2. Footnote formatting is done by LibreOffice, not by Zotero/the ODF scan. You should be able to adjust the footnotes style in LibreOffice.
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