Feature request: Relating presentations to (e.g.) conference papers

I recognize this isn't a high-priority thing, but I'd love a way to smartly capture the relationship where "Presentation X is the (or a) presentation of Paper Y". At least in my field, it's the norm that a conference paper will have an associated presentation at the conference, and frequently the slides are available, and when they are, I like to store them in Zotero.

Right now, I just make two entries: One for the paper and one for the presentation. If I'm smart about it, I'll remember to mark them as related. In an ideal world, here are things I'd like to also have, but don't now, in roughly descending order of how much I want them:

1. Matching paper/presentation pairs don't show up as "duplicates" in the Duplicate Items list. This makes it easy to miss the real duplicates. My ideal logic would be something like this:
   If A and B are detected as possible duplicates (or B and A):
If A is a paper and B is a presentation:
If A and B are already related:
Suppress display of A,B as a duplicate
Give a menu option (and/or pop-up suggestion) to relate them
Do what it already does
2. If/when BibTeX keys are generated, the presentation doesn't "displace" the paper. That is, I almost certainly want "Jones2010SomeTopic" to refer to the paper, not have that refer to the presentation and have to specify "Jones2010SomeTopic-1" or the like for the paper.

3. An option to "inherit" information, so that if B "is the presentation of" A, information from A doesn't need to be duplicated to B.

Does anyone else want this? Any other ideas about how it could work?
  • Does anyone else want this? Any other ideas about how it could work?
    I have thought about this myself, but what I've realised is that I rarely need to cite the presentation especially if it didn't also yield a paper. In practice this means that I keep only the paper for citation purposes. If I have slides in addition to the paper, I may add them as another attachment (just like I do for PDFs of supplementary materials for some published papers).
  • That makes sense. I forget that you can have multiple attachments. Is there a way to put any metadata on attachments to indicate which is which?
  • I use the file name; you can also use tags and/or the text field that appears in the right pane when selecting the attachment.
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