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Hello everyone!

I am still facing an issue with encyclopedia articles < https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/65731/closed-csl-two-type-of-encyclopedia-entries >.

Recently, I realized something (well I knew it, but never saw it as a possible solution).

When generating a bibliography: if there is a page number on a journal article, Zotero ignores the URL field. If there is no page number, Zotero uses the URL field in the bibliography (of course unless you tick the option in the preferences).

Is it possible to include encyclopedia articles in this scenario?

  • that is completely dependent of the citation style how this is handled. Without even knowing which one you are using, it's hard to help you. That might be the reason no one is saying anything.
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    My style is this one: https://www.zotero.org/styles/?q=id:service-medical-de-l-assurance-maladie

    When generating citation, Zotero doesn't include URL for journal, magazine and newspaper articles if page is present and if "Include URLs of paper articles in references" isn't checked.

    I want this exact behavior for Encyclopedia Articles : URL when there's no page number, no URL when there's page number.

    I guess I could modify the style, but:
    - it will make it A LOT heavier, because I will have to make exceptions for URL and "internet term" for Encyclopedia Articles with and without pages ;
    - it will create discrepancy with journal articles citations, although it's the exact same scenario: URL useful in Zotero, useless in citation.

    To me, that's something Zotero should handle, not the style.
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    Sorry, I disagree. In fact, we're discussing getting rid of that Zotero property entirely since it's not actually something all citation styles agree with, and encyclopedias are kind of a hybrid case like book chapters where the online version may be cited with URL.
  • Is that mean that I should modify the style for both encyclopedias and journal articles in the future?
  • Ok, made some tests, I'll modify my style according to my guide, my users and your comments.

    Thanks everyone.
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