[Translator Request] Primo by Ex Libris for Dallas County Community College District

My college district, Dallas County Community College, recently upgraded the back-end software that powers their library page. It's great, but I noticed is not integrated with Zotero. Any chance it can be implemented?

Here is the link to the catalog website: https://dcccd-primo.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com/primo-explore/search?vid=01DCCCD_INST&sortby=rank&lang=en_US
  • This works for me -- both on the new Primo in general and on that site in particular (we added support for that Primo interface a couple of weeks ago) What version of Zotero, which browser?
  • Oops, sorry! It is working now; I guess I haven't used our library site in a few weeks. Thanks @adamsmith !
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