Associating "orphaned" pdfs

As a result of a messy import of a very large set of bib files (thanks, Better Bibtex -- couldn't have done it without you!), I have a bunch of pdfs floating around in Zotero, not attached to anything.

I would like to look around, find the Zotero entry for them, and attach them. But this runs me into a problem I had earlier -- I need to be able to look at the citation entry while also looking at the pdf entry, so that I can drag the latter to the former. But since there's no "split window" in Zotero, I don't see how I can do that.

Last time I had a question like this, it was because I wasn't thinking properly about how Zotero should be used, and when the group corrected me, the answer became obvious and easy. I'm hoping that you can help me again!

  • In your previous thread I explained how you can scroll while dragging.

    If that's somehow insufficient, you can also create a temporary collection and drag the PDF and item there.
  • Yes, the scrolling while dragging doesn't work so well, because I have over 20 years of citations here!

    But the temporary collection is a great idea, thanks!
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