Editing style with


I am trying hard to match my publisher "unusual" style
It looks most of the features would be ok with either Einaudi (Italian) or Civiltà Italiana (Italian). However:
- Civiltà italiana is just great, but it is a note style and I need a author-date
- Einaudi is author date but there are a number of issues that I am unable to fix

Key elements:
- in reference list small caps names, initialized first names, all delimiters as commas, titles in italics and container with angle quotes («»)
- both citations and bibliography author separator should be -

I tried hard from Einaudi (Italian) but still having issues:
- citation disambiguation uses full first name
- unable to get original-date
- in book section I need (eds) instead of "edited by"

Can anyone help a bit by either addressing points above or suggesting how to make Civiltà italiana and author-date style?


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