report ID 559054363, sync error

Both auto-sync and manual sync have stopped working. After a few seconds of a sync attempt, the error message shown in the error report appears, as well as the red error icon to the left of the sync arrow.

report ID = 559054363

debug ID = D687986065
(for manual sync attempt)
  • Can you install the latest Zotero beta and provide another Debug ID for this? (You'll be able to switch back to the release version, but the beta fixes an issue that's hiding the real underlying error message here.)
  • debug ID from beta install = D1059240512
  • Win error 5 during operation open on file C:\Users\[…]\Documents\[…]\Zotero\tmp\ (Access is denied.
    We'll try to have this show a more helpful error, but this is most likely due to security software on your system. Basically Zotero is creating a ZIP file file for the four files in C:\Users\[…]\Documents\[…]\Zotero\storage\8QTPM9RF\, and then when it goes to upload the ZIP file it created it gets an access-denied error. I'd guess that something is scanning the ZIP file and then blocking access to it.
  • Yes, you were correct. Finally got the settings in Sophos working correctly.
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